Hey Taco Lovers,

Sorry for the break in updates…lots has happened! Here’s the short of it:

1.  The biggest disruption of posts has been the Tacos moving apart. One now lives in Stovepipe town and the other lives in Digital City. Don’t worry they are not located too far apart.

2.  Suzy Taco Pal was dreadfully sick with a ghost caught in her lungs (pneumonia)

3. Haunted Taco Maggie has been on a spiritual retreat in the hills of Jamiaca

That’s it.

Ok,  now on to Thanksgiving.. or should we say Magic-Castle-Disney-Funs-Giving!
In a strange twist of fate, both Tacos found themselves in Florida for completely unrelated reasons. It was obvious what had to happen though..Pleasure Island (this never happened). Instead the Tacos decided to go to the most magical place on earth! The Magic Kingdom!

The terror of Space Mountain and Splash Mountain was fuel to the fire! The Tacos found the fear.. and they found it right!!  (ie. The FEAR IS RIGHT!). So, basically they have become adrenaline junkies…next stop: skydiving, hitchhiking late at night on the New Jersey Turnpike, and speed dating!

Catch us if you can!

Taco Pals



Hello Dairy-fiends of the World,

Today we are discussing the newest trend in diary…yogurt!! 

It came to our attention a few months ago when a secret source at _______ informed us that yogurt was going to be the NEXT BIG THING in the food industry. This source said to keep your eyes peeled for low-cal, fat-free, dessert flavoured stuff, and many, many commercials to go with it.  Seems a little too good to be true… all the flavour of a cheesecake in 80 cals or less?! We believe it may indeed be the biggest scam of the grocery industry since Watergate (the only scandal we know….Nixon!!!!). Can we blame Nixon for yogurt’s rise to fame? Indeed, we can.  As feminists, we’d like you to watch the following video.  See for yourself how the yogurt industries views on women behaviour align perfectly with Nixon’s views on free speech/racism!  Apparently Nixon almost got John Lennon deported, is it safe to say yogurt is trying to deport Maggie?? IT MIGHT BE!!!

As you can see..yogurt is clearly horrible and should be impeached from the shelves (haha, peach flavoured yogurt). The Tacos are taking a firm stance against yogurt, and all diary products by proxy. Please see the following video for the Tacos’ last stand against dairy…or if you just want to see a young Maggie snort milk.  (viewer discretion is advised)

Ok, Taco fans, please join us in the fight against yogurt if you love your country!!!

Yours patriotically,

The Taco Pals


Hello my lovelies,

As many of you know, it was just Suzy’s 21st birthday.  I know it seems like she’s 35, however no.  She’s much younger than that.  It was such a joyous occasion.  The eve of her birthday was celebrated with the amazing, amazing, amazing, Wood Brothers.  It couldn’t have been a better 21st birthday.

The real birthday was celebrated with pizza and pitchers of PBR… quickly follow by a nap, because she’s a senior citizen now.  Then Maggie made a delicious green birthday cake, of course… which we are still finishing now.  Later that evening, the Taco Pals made brief appearances at McGreevey’s Irish Pub and Whiskey’s on Boylston Street in Boston.  You could say that they had a few drinks to celebrate… no one is really sure though.

The Tacos were later separated by a series of unfortunate events.  However, it wasn’t terrible because tequila might have been involved for one of the Tacos.  It actually was terrible for Maggie, who had to go American bowling.  Apparently, American bowling balls have TOO many holes for that Taco to handle.  She just couldn’t manage.  She did manage to make a score of an impressive 39,though.  Not bad after 5 pitchers of orange juice!  Next time, she MIGHT do better… we’ll have to try Canadian bowling soon, just to see if it’s REALLY that different.

The next day was full of a lot of pain… in all honesty.  At least both Taco Pals had a great time the night before.  Many great nights will be had in the near future, that is for sure.  We might have already gone out for grape juice, root beer, and russian milk tonight!  We can’t afford to get too behind on our consuming of beverages.


At least Suzy got a lot of exercise on her 21st…






Slap o’ Cat


Chasing Wood!

Hello Groovecats,

Well, we’re back from a long hiatus!  It’s good to be back.  We’ve got a great music review lined up for you today.  The Taco Pals had a live meet and greet at the Wood Brothers’ concert at the Brighton Music Hall.

The show started off strong with a fellow Austinite, Seth Walker!  Cool hat.  Cool guitar.  Cool songs.  Cool name.  Possibly even the second coolest name right after Rondo Riggs (the Wood Brothers’ percussionist).  His music was incomparably gorvy.  He played solo with only a hollow body Gibson (for you guitar lovers out there!).  His songs were super groovecentric.  His stage presence is quite captivating.  He’s definitely one of our top 10 groovecat songsters of all at any point in history.

The Wood Brother’s opened up their set with a great cover of “Up Above My Head”. They instantly nailed the feel and never slipped from the sick (sorry to use this word again) groove for the whole set.

We got to hear some new songs from their upcoming CD, “Smoke Ring Halo.” Our favorites were “Blue and Green” and “Shoofly Pie”. Is it possible that no song has ever been as good as “Shoofly Pie”? It certainly has all the elements of THE PERFECT SONG. You can download it on itunes.

We got to hear a bunch of our favourites too. “Chevrolet,” “Twisted,” and  “Loaded” were nasty as can be, and they added some spicy sauce to keep it funky fresh from the CD.  A tall glass of milk was consumed by the Taco Pals to deal with the burning on their tongues/ears.

Their percussionist, Rondo Riggs, played a really cool thing called a ‘shitar’. Much like a guitar, but covered in random ‘shit’ that made interesting sounds. He is a really inventive player and we look forward to hearing him again soon and seeing some new inventions. He is probably one of our top-ten fav percussionists ever, all time, any point in history.

Oliver Wood and Chris Wood may indeed share a brain…they were flawlessly in sync and their harmonies were unbelievably tight! It’s almost like they are related…weird.

Their encore included “Luckiest Man” and there was an audience participation section which we were glad to join in with.

The Wood Brother’s stopped by the Taco Pal meet and greet table after the show and asked to get a picture with their favourite bloggers. We reluctantly obliged.

The Wood Brothers also asked if we wanted to combine bands but we said no.

Chasing Blue+Wood Brothers=Chasing Wood

That’s just the worst band name ever, all time, any point in history.


The Tacos.

Temporary Hiatus

Hello Dears,

We know you are all dying to know who will be crowned the “New Friend of The UC”, but you are just going to have to wait a little longer (as if anyone can catch Celia now). The Tacos pals are off on separate spring breaks and have not mastered the long distance mind-meld, hence no new blogs til we  are reunited.

The good news if you have some very exciting stories to look forward to. The Tacos have taken on a friendly competition of their own just for your amusement.  The challenge over spring break is to do the weirdest thing possible. Spoiler alert! Here’s what we have so far!!

Maggie- Accidentally biked over a lizard….gross as it sounds.

Suzy- Made an old Ukrainian man cry when talking about moving to America.


The Tacos

Hey Guys,

So we have been having a ton of requests from you guys to be featured favourite people so we have decided to turn this into a “friendly” competition. Please check out the following short bios then vote on who you would like to know more about.


Tippy was Maggie’s first friend, and is indeed still a friend today. She knows The Underchamber very well. Tippy came down to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in the fall of ’10 and she came on the great Boston->Ohio->Nashville->Virginia->Boston roadtrip in January. She is a Dalhousie University graduate now residing in Ottawa, Canada.


Coop is a weird guy Maggie met in Virginia. He is a bluegrass musician so Suzy and him get along too.  Coops favourite hobbies involve pickin tunes and hitchhiking. He currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina and makes a living being an all purpose hoser.


Celia is also another Nova Scotian. While Suzy has never met Celia it’s safe to say they would be super friends…they both really enjoy board games. Celia has a degree in biology and/or mathematics/rocket science from Queens University in Ontario.  By day she is a mild mannered lab girl and by night she camps in the Arctic shooting polar bears and creating ponds.

Ok, Happy Voting!

The Tacos

Hey Campers,

Midterms are winding down, or up depending on what school you go to (I believe midterms were a while ago for our Canadian readers but safety is always an issue).  As you study for your exams you can look with glee towards the following week of freedom, ie Spring Break.

The Tacos have big plans. Maggie has her visor, fanny pack and white sneakers ready for a exciting trip to Florida’s retirement district and Suzy has already started pre-gaming for SXSW.

We don’t really care what you do for Spring Break, but you can try and tell us in the comment section. What’s really important is that you have a SAFE Break. Here are a couple Taco Guidelines for having safe fun.

1.  Neck Braces should be worn whenever you are riding a quad.

2. Sunscreen is your best bet for avoiding a sunburn (shade is a lie)

3. Keep your beside table stocked with tylenol and diet dr. pepper

4.  Protective goggles should be worn when playing squash

5. Don’t talk to strangers (unless they are hot)

6. Always carry emergency cash in your shoes or undergarments if you are wearing strappy sandals.

7. Don’t wear heels on a beach….it just doesn’t work and you will hurt your ankles.

8. Take some self defence classes at Medford’s Xtreme Ninja

9. If you are somewhere hot-drink tequila, if you are somewhere cold- drink whiskey. It will make a difference.


Ok Stay fit and have fun!

The Tacos